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What is Step Studio?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Step Studio is a young IT company, established in Cambodia by IT Academy STEP Cambodia, a well known international training centre.

Supporting young Cambodian talents

IT Academy STEP Cambodia has been operating in Cambodia since 2015, providing quality professional training in Software Development and Computer Graphics and Design. With the international curriculum, supported by international certification, students have an access to quality education at an affordable price. With 100% of graduates being successfully employed, IT Academy STEP management is launching a Step Studio, that creates a unique synergy between education and employment.

Step Studio would enable students to work on real projects, under the guidance of the professionals, as well as connect them early to an industry.

At the same time, business and organisations in Cambodia, seeking for a quality IT products, would be able to enjoy affordable prices and access to the best IT talents locally.

Services to match the market demand

Digital economy in Cambodia is growing at a fast pace. A demand from small and medium businesses, as well as organisations for websites, commerce platforms, mobile applications and chatbots is on the rise. At the same time, since for many it is a first experience in creating digital solutions, a need for a professional partner, who can bring expertise in solutions development, is required.

This is why Step Studio believes in a productive partnership between developers and the market, as can bring outstanding international expertise, access to local talents and strong knowledge of the local market demand.

Contact us for more information about the partnership today!

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